Panda Find My Babies In The Forest

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Mouse, Touch


Construct 3




Embark on a heartwarming journey in ‘Panda Find My Baby’s The Forest’! Join the quest to reunite a panda with its 10 missing cubs. Solve clever riddles and puzzles, exploring the forest’s secrets to find each adorable cub. Your adventure begins now, where wit and curiosity lead the way. Embrace the challenge, uncover the mysteries, and let the joy of family reunion be your ultimate reward. Immerse yourself in this delightful escape game, where every discovery brings you closer to a heartwarming reunion in the lush depths of the forest.


  • Construct 3 Files Included (c3p files)
  • HTML 5 export ready to upload.
  • Clean layout with excellent graphic design and animation
  • Thumbnail Included(512x512px, 1280x720px)